FAGs About Our Lavender Fields

FAGs About Our Lavender Fields

June 08, 2019

Q. I want to come visit the farm when the fields are in full bloom, but when is the best time/day?

A. There are actually 450 different varieties of lavender and we grow about 20 of them. Each variety has their own bloom time and even how long their blooming days last. June is the best month for lavender blooms. Weather plays a big part of when lavender blooms and for how long as well. If I could predict the weather and know how exactly it could effect the lavender from day to day, I would know how to answer your question. But I cannot predict. You can watch our FB page each week and see how things are blooming or not blooming here. We cannot even predict our harvest day ahead of time. We have to walk our fields every day to get an idea of the when the next day to harvest is. Weather also plays a part in harvest time too, since we cannot harvest if it has rained and the lavender is wet. We also must wait till the dew is off the flowers in order to harvest, so must wait for the perfect hour of the day. Farming is very difficult and we don't know what the next day will bring.

But no matter if there are blooms or not, the lavender farm is amazing. We are in the country at the foothills of the mountains of Dahlonega. We have some of the most amazing wineries here, beautiful scenery, the historic Square, a zoo just down the road from us, and you are in nature. So come on up and check us out!

Q. Can we come and visit the farm anytime?

A. We are only open Wednesdays through Friday 11-3 and Saturday 10-4. We have to do errands, clean house, rest, and spend time with our family Sunday through Tuesday.

Q. Why do you not stay open longer hours?

A. Besides running our shop, we also make products with our lavender and we must also tend to the lavender in the fields. Morning hours we might be harvesting some variety of lavender to capture the highest oil content in it, or pulling weeds, or in the greenhouse. By later in the day we are very tired and need to rest for the next day. Farming takes a lot of work and many hours to run a farm. 

Q. What is there to do on the farm?

A. We have our lavender and flowers we grow. But we also have a fantastic shop on the farm where we make natural products from our harvested lavender. We have locals, as well as many who shop here, even from other countries. We get lots of repeat customers who come back often since they say they love our products and they make great gifts. Out products are made one at a time and we only make a few at a time, so they are fresh! We only use our Pure Lavender oil, not a fragrance. We do not have a playground or games on the farm for families, since a lavender farm is a working farm and we have only been in existence for six years. Farms that have all those things to do are much bigger than us and have been in operation for many years. But we think we are very unique and diffidently a place to visit and enjoy!

Q. What if I cannot wait till your shop is open to get your lavender product?

A. No problem, we have an online shop as well. Just click on our product link. We ship out order several times a week.

Q. Where are all your rows and rows of lavender? Is this all you have?

A. We actually grow about 2,000 lavender plants. That is the most so far in Georgia. Why? Lavender is a Mediterranean plant and does not like Georgia clay nor hot and high humidity. We have had to add a lot of amendments to our soil and cannot grow in rows and rows. We must provide more air flow to prevent humidity from building up and causing root rot in the lavender. So do not expect rows and rows of lavender to be grown in Georgia.