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FAQs About our 2019 Lavender Festival

Q. Do I have to buy an admission ticket to get in?

A. Yes, you must purchase your admission ticket to get onto the farm property this day. We have two time slots: Morning 8:00 - 12:00 and Afternoon 1:00 - 5:00.

Q. I did not get a copy of my tickets? How can I get a copy of them?

A. When you purchase your tickets look for the link to either print or save a copy to your cell phone. This way you will have your tickets. If you forgot to do this at the time of purchasing your tickets, you can sign in or register on Eventbrite site and once you are logged in you can either print your tickets or copy to your cell phone then. *Be sure you use the same email address you used to purchase your tickets.

*We will also have a list of the people that purchased tickets at the entrance gate and at all activities. Be sure to have id ready to show proof if you forget your tickets or do not have a copy on your phone.

Q. Can I change the time of my tickets after I bought them?

A. No. We have made notes before purchasing to make sure you pick your correct time slot, since we cannot change the time. Tickets are sold through Eventbrite, not us so we cannot make changes. We are using Eventbrite to limit how many people can attend our festival to make it enjoyable for everyone. We tried making it open attendance back a few years ago and so many people showed up it was way too crowded. Wow, who would know lavender would be so popular! But it is! So be sure to pick your right time we want. No changing after you purchase your tickets.

Q. If I bought tickets for the morning time slot 8:00 - 12:00 can I come and stay as. long as I want to?

A. You can come when you want to any time between 8:00 - 12:00 if you bought a morning time slot ticket, but you must leave at 12:00. The festival shuts down at 12:00 in order for the volunteers and vendors can eat lunch, take a restroom break, and restock. We also have some volunteers leaving for the afternoon and others coming in at this time. There is enough time in the 4 hours your tickets allows you to come and enjoy the purple lavender blooms, take photos, shop at the art vendors and lavender shop, see the wool demonstrations, and eat.

Same rule applies for the afternoon time slot 1:00 - 5:00. You must wait till your ticket time states at 1:00 before you can enter (volunteers eating lunch and vendors are also getting ready for the afternoon session) and you must leave at 5:00 in order for vendors to close up and go home.

Q. What if it rains on festival day? Do I get a refund?

A. No. It is rain or shine. There is a lot involved in planning a lavender festival. We cannot reschedule all the 17 art vendors, musicians volunteers, and food vendors to come back in short notice. Tickets state no refund before purchase is made. 

*If there are dangerous storms or lightening we may have to cancel the festival at short notice. This decision will be made based on weather warnings and conditions that is beyond our control and is what they call an act of God. Our main concern is to keep all safe. We appreciate your understanding if this happens.

Q. What will I get to see on festival day?

A. We have all the information you need on our web site welcome page, event page, and on your tickets. We have about 2,000 lavender plants growing and hoping we will have great blooms on this day, photo opts, make-n-takes, professional photographer you can sign up with, 17 Art vendors, face painting, food vendors, live music, wool demonstrations, de-budding lavender demonstrations, farm tour, lavender ice cream, lavender lemonade, and lavender shop open. It is an amazing day for all. Come, enjoy, and love lavender day!

Q. Why can't I order tickets?

A. If you tried to purchase u-pick tickets or afternoon tickets they are sold out as of June 8th. But no worries we still have morning tickets available. 

We did have to limit the u-pick because of all the rain we had this past year. All the rain can cause stress on the lavender and if we have too many people cutting in the field can cause the lavender to die. Also we have to keep enough lavender in the fields for all to enjoy and for families to take their photos with the lavender. 

*Note: We will only allow 30 people in the cutting field for u-pick at one time. This is to prevent the lavender from getting damaged. Volunteers will demonstrate how to cut the lavender. If you cut lavender too short it will cause the lavender to die. Parents, be sure to cut your child's lavender and do not let your child cut the lavender. Thank you so much!! And if the lavender u-pick line gets long, please check out the vendors, music, or demonstrators. 


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