DIY Hand Sanitizer

DIY Lavender Hand Sanitizer

Many of our customers have asked us how to make their own Lavender hand sanitizer, since it is so hard to find for sale in the stores. So here it is! Remover we sell Lavender Essential Oil! We hope you are staying safe and calm during our current quarantine.

Lavender essential oil has numerous health benefits that are now backed by science, just the scent can be beneficial with aromatherapy for relieving the stress and anxiety around the public health crisis of COVID-19. Lavender is also a known anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal, meaning it can help reduce the spread of infection and boost immunity by limiting the amount of work for your immune system. We use it here in all our products and in our diffusers - so we are lavender surrounded daily from the time we wake us to shower using our lavender soaps, shampoos, and hubby also uses our Lavender Shaving Bar to our DIY Hand Sanitizer and our Lavender Lotion to keep our hands moist and soft after the hardships they go through with washing and sanitizing all day, to our Lavender Linen Spray and Lavender Essential Oil in our diffuser to help us wind down, relax, and sleep better. Sleep is one of our Immune Systems needs.

While lavender is still being researched to support it's anti-viral properties, it can still be beneficial to make your own hand sanitizer from natural ingredients. Keep in in mind that nothing is as safe as washing your hands with soap and water, and be sure to avoid touching your face and try to remain 6 feet away or more from others. Enjoy! And please order some of our Lavender products today. Shop Now!


2/3 rubbing alcohol

1/3 aloe vera juice or gel

10 drops of lavender essential oil