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Red Oak Lavender

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We have two types of lavender classes: Personal Garden for the homeowner who wants to learn how to grow lavender for your own yard - And - for the large scale acreage Lavender Farmer

In both classes you will learn how to grow lavender, a Mediterranean plant, in our Georgia impossible wet climate. Learn the tips we have learned over that seven years we have learned to save you time, plant loss, and money. You will also get a copy of our Ppt for reference to go back over at your leisure and to be sure you are planting correctly. We will also take a farm tour where you will see and touch our fifteen varieties of lavender and we will share with you their uses, different scents, and growth patterns. 

Yes, even though you live in Georgia, you can grow lavender here. 

*Lavender Home Gardner: class - takes 1 hour in which we go into details on varieties that grow well here in Georgia, how to plant, how to get through the winter, when and how to prune, uses and benefits of lavender and answer questions, 

*The lavender class for the Lavender (large scale) farmer - Class takes 2 hours in which we will go into details with varieties of lavender which grow well here with which provide most outcome, how to prepare and test your soil, ideas and reasons for irrigation, growing tips for large scale planting, ordering plants wholesale, how to get plants through the winter, when and how to prune on a large scale, how to harvest and drying process, business tips in lavender farming,  debuting, distillation information, and more.


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