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Red Oak Lavender

Have you ever wanted to learn how to grow Lavender in Georgia?

When I started back in 2014, the experts stated that Lavender could not be grow in the South, let alone in our Georgia clay. But I had a dream to grow Lavender in our pasture. I researched for a year and learned what the needs of Lavender were. I then have experimented over 7 years and learned exactly how to get Lavender to grow here, as well as which varieties will grow in our hot  humid summer days and large amount of rainfall. 

We now offer this online class to teach you how to grow this amazing herb here. This online class covers everything from what Lavender needs, to getting your ground ready, amendments needed, how to plant, varieties that are hardy here for the South, irrigation, harvesting, drying, disbudding, to uses

When you purchase this class, we will email you this informational Lavender growing online Ppt for you to learn, and save or print for your sale keeping. This will allow you to go back as ofter as you like for review. At a later point you are welcome to reserve and attend one of our hands-on classes. 

Purchase now and get ready to plant your Lavender now and watch it grow! Mmmm... I can smell this very fragrant herb and those beautiful purple blooms now!

This purchase only allows you personally to you. Copyrighted forbids the sharing of this unit.

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