Lavender Essential Oil

Red Oak Lavender

Lavender Essential Oil - 100% Pure distilled directly from the plant and not a fragrance. There’s a big difference.
Our essential oil is 100% Pure (Grosso) Lavendin (Lavender) essential oil. Process to get our oil - each plant is hand cut fresh lavender in small batch in a hand hammered Portuguese copper still to ensure high quality and farm freshness. Not mixed with any oil filler.  No synthetics or added fragrances.
Therapeutic Grade' is simply a marketing term. Any company can say their oils are therapeutic grade. ... However, these terms are often trademarked by the company.”
Lavender has a characteristic fragrance smell that is a strong and calming floral fragrance.
It has been shown to be effective with:
*pain associated with headaches or migraines and insect stings (due to the camphor content of the lavender plant)
*sore muscles, rheumatism, and arthritis
*helps ease nervous tension, stress, and anxiety
*promotes rest for those with insomnia 
*helps promote skin cell regeneration making it perfect for cuts, scrapes, bruises, acne, dermatitis, eczema, insect bites, and general skin issues.
Perfect to add to any bath water for that relaxing spa treatment, diffuser, crafting, or mixed with oil (olive oil, sesame oil, apricot oil, coconut oil, etc..) for tropical care. Can be placed directly on skin, but doing a skin test first to check for skin sensitivity. We always recommend adding a carrier oil of some kind before applying our pure oil directly on your skin, especially if using more than once.
Lavender is a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal.

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