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Our Pre-Made Gift Sets are perfect Holiday/Christmas Gifts! We have the perfect Lavender gift set for everyone.High Quality. Show your loved onne how special they are!start at just 9.95.

Or ask about how you can have your own choice gift sets - pick your products and we can place them together in your own gift set package.

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We Distill Our Own Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender bloom season is only a few short weeks the first half of June here. Then we spend the rest of the month harvesting those amazingly scented lavender bloom by hand to hang and dry and later sell as bundles or distill to make our pure lavender essential oil and lavender hydrosol. Both filled with health benefits. We then use our oil to make our high quality products. So check out our lavender cottage shop or check out our Dahlias garden and sunflowers or our other flowers for the rest of summer into autumn. Shop is open from March through till mid December or online all the time. 

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Exciting New Plans for 2022

We are so excited to be expanding our farm to a total of over 5 acres doubling our lavender count to 7,000 lavender plants. Wow! Largest in Georgia! Not only will we be planting more lavender, but also expanding our Dahlias and Zinnias! We also now have a pond and adding a great picnic area under the shade of our little woodlands. So be sure to stop by and see our growth.

Flower Gardens Galore

We heard your request - we've been busy all winter germinating and growing flowers of all kinds, from Alliums to Zinnas. 700 Sunflowers and our 900+ Dahlias this year. We are also adding 1,000 new lavender plants. With the property filled with flowers and lavender how could you not resist a visit to our farm. Bring your cameras for amazing keepsake memories.

Photographers are welcome during open hours of zinnias and Dahlia blooms (July-September) at no charge with a tag on their social media. During Lavender blooms in June we do charge 25.00 an hour during open hours. For closed hours call for pricing.

Check out our Event page for bloom times!

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Most Popular Question

When does lavender bloom here? With 543 different varieites of lavender we can expect lavender of one variety or all from May - September, with full bloom in June. The sunflowers we begin germination in winter for our first bloom in June to coincide with the lavender and a second bloom in autumn. We also have over 900+ Dahlias which begin to bloom in late June through beginning of autumn. Let's not forget our other flowers, such as zinnias, roses, hollyhocks, foxgloves, snapdragons, etc... begin to bloom the end of June through till autumn.

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  • French Flower Garden

    Flowers from May - September

  • June Bloom

    A Miracle Here In Georgia

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    Take photos during open farm/shop hours.

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    Even the leaves of lavender smell!

  • We have Sunflowers, Dahlias, & Wildflowers

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    Wreath Making, Bath & Beauty, and Lavender Growing


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About US

In 2014 we started planting our first crop of just 500 lavender and 9 different varieties. This was a totally new adventure, since NO One had grown lavender in Georgia past year two without crop failure. But we had small parcel of pasture at our home and decided this beautiful herb was worth trying. Today we grow about 4,000 lavender plants of 19 different varieties, some plants 8 years of age. We have learned a lot through in-depth research, lavender conferences, visiting lavender farms in person and speaking with lavender growers from Arizona, South Carolina, North Carolina, Sequim Washington and also abroad to the Provence area of France and Ireland. UGA visits our farm yearly to check with us to see how we are growing lavender in this harsh environment and being successful. 

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When purchasing lavender products from a large chain store or large online e-commerce site you don't know how long the lavender or products have set in warehouse.

All of our lavender products are made with current year lavender and in small quantities to keep quality high and fresh. This way lavender smells it best and produces the best quality. We make over hundred products from our lavender. What could be simpiler? We distill our lavender for pure lavender essential oil. All products are made in small batches so quality and freshness is a must. Farm is open during open farm shop hours: Wednesday - Friday 11-3, Saturday 10 - 4, and Sunday 1-4. Online is available 24 hours a day and we ship out once or twice a week.

Order online or come by the shop today! Curbside also available!

Last day for 2021 - Dec. 12th

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Hours: Open: Wed. - Fri. 11-3, Sat. 10-4, & Sun. 1-4.

We close for 2021 on Dec. 13th & reopen for 2022 on Feb. 9th for Valentine's Day shopping.

2882 Red Oak Flats Road, Dahlonega, GA, 30533

Just 3.5 minutes from Hwy 400.

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