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Lavender Shop

We grow and harvest our own lavender to create the best Lavender products... Fresh, Natural, and Pure. Gifts from our gardens are fashioned in the cottage tradition by hand cutting each plant to make banded bundles and then hang to dry in our climate controlled shop. We then distill some of our lavender to make our lavender essential oil, directly from only the lavender for pure and natural high quality essential oil. With our pure lavender essential oil and dried lavender flowers we make a full array of lavender products from lotions, salves, bath salts, soaps, to our hand sewn sachets made with imported French fabric. We also offer exceptional lavender products from handmade pottery, candles, jewelry, to lavender filled heated plush animals to cuddlle with and relax. Enjoy the healthful, fragrant benefits of our lavender in all our products. Check out our great affordable prices!
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  • No Matter the Season

    Lavender is amazing!

  • U-Picks

    Get Your Ticket In May for June Picking

  • Harvest

    Late Summer

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  • Winter Sleep

    For Beautiful Blooms In Summer

Lavender Planting/Growing

We will have Lavender plants available beginning April 24th - July.

Lavender is a very Very difficult plant to grow here in Georgia. We offer classes to learn how we have been one of the rare people to learn how from 7 years of trial and error Often times Errors! Avoid a lot to time and money by attending one of our classes. We begin classes in April. For Registrations click here or go to ur Event page.

"The" Place for Lavender Classes/Activities

Ready to relax and take in the beauty? Check out some of our activities we offer from Spring - Fall!

Classes: Registrations click here or go to our Events page.

May 9th - Mother's Day Bath & Beauty Make'nTake Class

May 15th - Painting Wine Glasses in the field.

U-Pick Lavender Bouquet - in June Only

June: Bath/Beauty Make n Take, Wreath Making, Painting in the Field, How to debud and dry lavender, Sachet Making, Lavender Wand Making, Growing Lavender in the South, and more.

Large Farm Tours

  • Lavender In Bloom

    A Miracle Here In Georgia

  • Photos

    Free for Families ~ Professionals Email Us

  • Enjoy a Day in the Fields

    Make Memories

  • We have Sunflowers, Dahlias, & Wildflowers

    Great for Photo Ops!

  • Check Out or Classes

    Check back in February for List

  • French Flower Garden

    Flowers from May - September

Lavender Farm Tours

Visits to the farm are self guided and we have plant markers to give you information about each variety we grow in the fields.

For Large Groups of 12 or more we need reservations. This tour takes about 20-30 minute tour around our lavender fields/gardens with one or both of the owners.  Tour is very educational. Get an up close look, touch, and smell the different varieties of our lavender we grow here (15). Farm tour is ended with a take home sachet after you de-bud your own bouquet and enjoy our lavender lemonade. Please call for information and to make your reservation. Tours are during the summer hours. Yes, we can do bus tours.

Learn why our lavender fields are one of Georgia's miracle.

Our Story

Greetings! David and I both bring unique perspectives to our growing lavender farm and business. My love for flowers and herbs and my artist abilities allow me to to be close to nature here among our blooming lavender. I have a Masters degree in education and certified in herbal "Shaker style" training.

David brings is knowlege from materials engineering, business, and technology into our lavender farming adventure. Instead of building roads and bridges, for the state, he is building rows and rows of lavender.

Farm Rules

* We are now closed for winter and will re-open March 3rd. Hope to see you then!

*Visitation to the farm is only allowed during Open seasons Shop hours only. Wednesday - Friday 11 - 3PM, Saturday 10-4PM, & Sunday 1-4PM.

* Please no dogs, since some of the lavender is culinary and can ruin it for sale to food venue.

* Stay on the grassy areas only. Standing on lavender or rows can damage the lavender plants and weed cloth. 

*This is a working farm and when all visitors come to our farm you are liable for your own actions and will not hold owners or employees of Red Oak Lavender Farm LLC liable for any injuries or death O.C.G.A.SS51-3-31 & includes harvesting under Article 7 of Chapter 14 of Title 2 of Georgia Code Annotated. See Georgia Sign Posted on Property.

*Never pick our lavender without u-pick tickets (June activity). Cutting or pinching off lavender in the wrong place on stem can cause the plant to die.

Relax and enjoy the Lavender!

Intern Wanted

*Looking for two apprenticeships for this spring! Learn hands on how we grow lavender in the South. For more details click here!

Apply Here

Hours: Farm & Shop is now closed for Winter.

March 3rd - mid December: Wednesday - Friday 11-3, Saturday 10-4, & Sunday 1-4pm


2882 Red Oak Flats Road

706 - 974-8230


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