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Experts stated we could not grow lavender in Georgia. But when you have a dream to create something so beautiful you do not give up!  We now grow 2,000 lavender plants and with our harvested lavender we make the best all natural lavender products that we carry in our farm shop and online. Our products are made here on the farm in small quantities in order to provide you with the freshest possible lavender products. Whereas in most places the products sit in warehouses for maybe up to a year before they are shipped to their stores. Our products are only made with 100% pure lavender, essential oil, never synthetic fragrance. So try some of our products today and smell the difference. *Shipping is always flat rate to provide our customers with the lowest shipping prices possible. 

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Our Farm

Established in 2014, Red Oak Lavender Farm is located at the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains in historic Dahlonega, Georgia. All the experts told us that lavender could not grow in Georgia, because of our clay soil and high rainfall and humidity, but we have done it with a lot of hard work and a lot of amendments. We now grow 2,000 lavender plants of twenty different varieties and the largest lavender farm open to the public in Georgia. We are the largest lavender farm right now in Georgia. But do Not expect the rows and rows of lavender as in France or in Washington state. Due to our high humidity we must grow in test gardens to allow air flow. 2.5 acres of lavender is a lot of lavender! I know... it takes a week working in the fields every day to harvest what we have.
We will have lavender plants for sale beginning in May through June when the ground has warmed up.
We do not allow any u-picks due to all the rain we had over the last year and half. We do not want to stress our lavender out. If you do not cut lavender at the right place the plant can die. We just do not have volunteers to help show how to cut and we are so busy working the farm we just do not have the extra time to show everyone that visits. But please come to the farm and shop while we are open and see and buy our lavender bundles. You just might get some fresh bundles if you come at harvest time.

Want to learn how to grow lavender successfully - Watch for up and coming new classes soon.


History of Lavender is very interesting. Did you know that Egyptians used it in mummification? And the Romans used it. Lavender or "spikenard" is even mentioned in the Bible. Lavender then has been used for many centuries and its benefits are truly amazing. Check out the history of Lavender by clicking here.

Thinking about starting your own lavender farm? Need help with how to grow lavender successfully and how to start up your own lavender farm? We do farm visits consultations! Save time and money by getting expert advise from us. We will come to your farm for the day and assess your soil. lavender layout, teach you how to plant, what amendments you need to grow in our hot humid climate, how to maintain your lavender, prune lavender, and how to harvest.

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Our Location

Come, relax, enjoy our beautiful lavender field and smell the miracle that we have been able to create. Fill up your senses with the beauty and fragrance of lavender! Admission is free, except during the month of June ($5 per adult). *We do harvest the last week of June.
Our Visitor Policy
We will be closed to regular customers on June 15th due to our festival.
We are open from March 1st through mid-December with 
days Wednesday, Thursday, Friday  11- 3 and  Saturday 10 - 4 to welcome visitors.
*We love dogs and all animals, but please No dogs allowed since we have chickens and grow culinary lavender too. Thank you!

Lavender For Weddings! 

We make lavender bouquets and all lavender needs for weddings.

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About Us
Our location: 2882 Red Oak Flats Road. Dahlonega, GA 30533 

photos credit: Melissa Giles Photography