Sachet - Lavender, Rose, and Mint Combo

Red Oak Lavender Farm

Amazing sweet freshness with our combination of Lavender, Rose, and Mint in our lovely Rose printed canvas bags. Perfect for drawers, luggage, or by the bed for that scent that is fresh and sweet.

Made by our Lavender and David Austin English Roses. My second love to lavender are roses. And during winter I love mint! So we’ve combined Lavender (which is an antibacterial, anti-fungal, May help relieve stress), roses (antidepressant properties, uplifting, and balance), mint (antibacterial, May help to reduce stress and improve memory). All great for winter season with reduced sunlight. Place on nightstand, in pillow, by couch, in car, etc..

Lavender is great for also keeping moths away from damaging your best clothes, so protect those garments with one of our sachets today.

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