2021 Looks like an amazing year for Lavender blooms!

Not only do we have lavender about 4,000 plants in the ground and growing, but also 900+ Dahlias and over 50 different varieties of cut flowers. A perfect place to take your own photos.
We are sold out - scheduling photographers for their own sessions.

Lavender Calendar of Events:

February 12th - Re-Open for the New Year - beginning Feb. 12th Lavender Valentines Specials!

March: Our Lavender Plant Sale begins - be sure to get here in time to get your favorite variety of lavender. At this time, weather permitting - we begin planting our annual flowers and upgrade all areas on the farm. In the shop we bake some of our lavender treats to let visitors samples. It's a great time for us to try out new lavender recipes. 

April: Great time to see our daffodils and tulips in bloom. Alluims begin to bloom next. The lavender begins to wake up from their winter sleep and begin to grow more green. We will take this time to freshen them up with pruning their bottom stems and check on how they did over winter. A few classes will be offered, weather permitting. Check our FB page, website, Instagram for updates.

May: The month our You-Pick Tickets become available online - for June You-Picks.  We will continue our plant sale. At this time our established lavender plants - English and Intermedia lavender begin to spike and grow taller as they get ready for their June bloom season. Spanish Lavender (Stoechas) is in bloom at the barn field and visitors enjoy taking photos here. English Wisteria at the barn is also in bloom.

May continued: Classes for painting wine glasses begin. We do sell our painted wine glasses and wreaths in our shop. We will also have a few other classes this month, such as wreath making and our Beauty & Bath Make n'Take (bath salt and sugar scrub - you too can learn how we make these two products). 


It's Bloom month here at the farm. Depending on the weather you can expect full bloom either the first two weeks in June or the second and third week of June. Then we have the Provence and back field that blooms the following week. This allows a full month of June to view lavender in bloom. You-pick Lavender begins, but you must have purchased your tickets online beginning May 10th. This is to limit so many in our You-Pick field at one time.

Lavender Ice Cream Available in June Only: Our lavender ice cream made by Clermont's Mountain Fresh Creamery with our lavender. They raise their own cows which wander their fields eating grass and get milk by hand twice a day. This is the only month they make our lavender ice cream. We will have Vanilla Lavender and Chocolate Lavender ice cream. It's so delicious and creamy that the buttermilk stick to the top of your mouth. And the lavender is not overwhelming, since it's made with our English sweet lightly floral lavender variety. So be sure to purchase some while here in June before it sells out.

Harvesting begins: once the blooms have reached a certain level 1/3 blooms have opened, saving the oil content inside the buds still for enjoyment for years to come. If we let the lavender go pass this stage we will loose all buds on the stems during the drying process. You can visit the shop with our hanging bundles and even purchase your own fresh lavender bundles. 

Fresh Lavender Bundles for Sale: During harvest time we sell our fresh lavender bundles that include 125-150 stems per bundle. This is such a treat to actually have fresh lavender in your home.

Distilling: begins once we are in the process of lavender harvest and continues for the whole week. You can smell in the air the wonderful lavender scent of distilling for our lavender essential oil and lavender hydrosol.

Photography: Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer. We do charge a fee for professionals and have sign up either during open or closed shop hours. To book your session please contact the shop. Besides the lavender in bloom we also have sunflowers in bloom and the other flowers also begin to bloom.



Come by and spend some time at Red Oak Lavender Farm and Shop!


July - September: All the 900+ Dahlias are now in bloom as well as the David Austin Roses, Zinnias, and all the other 50 varieties of flowers are in bloom. During September we will get a second bloom from our Provence and English culinary lavender (note 2nd bloom is sparse) . Wreath Making Classes - sign up

October: Lavender can be planted in autumn, but with winter cloth over the plants since they have not had time to be established. This is the time to reserve your large order of lavender plants for Spring pick-up. This is also a great time to see our second flush of sunflowers and fall blooming flowers. 

November: It's time to capture some amazing SALES - holiday shopping begins! Check out our Black Friday, Small Business Shopping, and our Cyber SALES! So don't miss out purchasing some very special and unique gifts for family and friends.

December: First week of December we get those cooking fingers going to create some of the best lavender treats to sample here in the shop. Once you try lavender - it's devious and brings your best recipes up a notch. This is also the  last chance to get last minute gifts and sample our holiday lavender treats. You'll taste how delicious and the health benefits of lavender. We close on December 12th so we can get ready for the holidays with our family. We will re-open February 12th for Valentines specials!


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