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                          Our Lavender and Cashmere Line - the smell is amazing!

                   Our Lavender Salve - great for cuts and scrapes. Perfect for conditioning and softening cuticles or winter dry hands.

Our Anti-Aging Cream - a collection of not only lavender essential pure oil, but others specifically added to help reduce wrinkles and soften and condition the face and hands. Check it out in our product line today!

Lavender Essential Oil - 100% Pure lavender. Distilled with only Grosso lavender. No added oil or fragrance.


Dried Bundles - we grow both Intermedia for strong lavender scent and long stems and Angustifolia (Darker deep purple color) for culinary use.

Blissful Oil Perfume - perfect lavender perfume with added sprig of lavender flowers. Scent that is perfect to the last drop. Be a Renaissance women today.


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We make our lavender products with our harvested lavender. Since our name is on every product we guarantee it to be the best we can. Quality is what we are. We make each item by hand and only a few at a time to guarantee freshness.

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