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Pam after getting her online orders: "Thank you for making my Christmas special❤ Everything received is just perfect and I LOVE them all! M.... received her gift yesterday and I could hear the delight in her ‘thank you’ message. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year❤"

Tina McCain - "The Lavender shop has a wonderful selection of different types of products. And it smells heavenly in and outside the shop!"

Karen Vance: "Hi Tina! I just wanted to thank you again for your time yesterday. My sister-in-law, Jamie, and I enjoyed visiting your farm and talking with you." "Also, we loved your gift shop. Our whole visit was inspiring."

One of our Customer's from Square#21q6: "The shop's scent was fantastic! Walking in was so relaxing and the selection of lavender products was great."

One of our Customer's from Square #EuOh: "We got to Red Oak Lavender Farm, and it was closed. but the lady saw we were from out of state and she opened it up for us... Loved her attitude and helpfulness."

One of our Square Customers (#RLjJ): "My husband and I were not sleeping well recently so we stopped by and purchased lavender spray. I sprayed our pillows that night. This morning we woke up feeling happy since we slept through the night. Thank you!"

One of our Square Customers (#h9pA): "This place is one of my favorites to load up on anything Lavender."

One of our Square Customers (#4WkZ): "Good variety of gifts to choose from and items to pamper myself as well!"

One of our Square Customers (#OC1L): "I love this store so much! Always a great experience!"

One of our Square Customers (#YQMf): "Smelled HEAVENLY"

One of our Square Customers (#5dFX): "My husband and I visited Red Oak Lavender Farm today and we really enjoyed the experience. The Lavender Boutique was very nice and had so many products made out of Lavender! My favorite was a Lavender Milk Chocolate bar. The chocolate was like velvet and the hint of lavender was perfect! The prices were really reasonable. Carissa was very knowledge about all the products and the business of growing Lavender. Even though it was after the harvest time we enjoyed walking through the Lavender fields and seeing the chickens and the honey bee hives. Such a quaint place and very good people running the business. We look forward to coming back next June during the peak blooming time."

One of our Square Customers (#HIwK): " Thank you for such a wonderful visit to your shop. All three of us visitors are so pleased with the salve and I am sure we will be back for more. We are now planning a visit your festival next June."

One of our Square Customers (#u8wH): "Awesome place. will be back!!!"

One of our Square Customers (#bjBQ): "Such a fun place and everyone was so nice and friendly!"

Melinda Sullens (customer) writes: " I compared your bug spray with DEET off Bug Spray. My friend had the DEET on and I had your lavender spray on. After about three hours she was getting but by mosquitoes, etc. and I was never bothered for the entire day never stop making this product. We both could not believe how great your sprat worked!"    Our insect repellent is all natural!