Bath Salt

Red Oak Lavender

Oh La La Lavender Bath Salt 
This perfect combination we have created of Himalayan salt, 100 % Pure Lavendin essential oil, and Epsom salt will help to relax and sooth those tired muscles and let you enjoy your own aromatherapy spa bath at home!
This is what helped me after a day of plowing in the field. I felt rejuvenated after my bath with this Bath Salt.
Why do we use Pink Himalayan Salt? Himalayan pink salt is said to be the purest form of natural salt on Earth today. It is mined from ancient ocean beds deep in the Himalayan mountains, and is free from chemicals or impurities that are found in common table salt or sea salt. Himalayan salt also includes minerals and elements that can help reduce inflammation and acidity in the body as well as purify and rejuvenate your energy field.
  • Choose from three different sizes.
  • Comes in elegant glass jar with cork top.
  • Lavender is a natural antibacterial.

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