Bundle of Dry Lavender

Red Oak Lavender

This year’s harvested Lavender! 
Fresh dried Lavender ready for your home crafting project, or special event!
Our Grosso lavender is grown here on our farm, hand gathered, and cut, and allowed to air dry a peak season to preserve the fragrance and beauty of your lavender. Then bundled and packaged for you to enjoy for your special event or crafting.
There are many uses for lavender make your event or home unique! Use it in your wedding bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, and table centerpieces. We also sell loose lavender buds for wedding toss - see our dried lavender Buds in products.
This variety is not edible due to this variety having a higher camphor content within the plant itself. This variety is used for its fragrance for crafting, soap making, and bouquets. If you are looking for Culinary Lavender see our Culinary Section in our product link.
In storage and in mailing you will find that a few buds will fall off your lavender. This is called shattering and is normal and should not affect the beauty of your arrangements. Scoop them up and add them to a sachet bag or dish for fragrance in your home or car.
How long will they stay fresh? Lavender will maintain its fragrance for years, although I would refresh them yearly. We normally sell out of our stock before the next year, so you are guaranteed to get this mid summer harvested lavender, as to maintain the quality and freshness. 
How many stems are in each bundle? Each bundle contains 125-150 stems per bundle.
Stems come either large (about 15" or more) or small (about 12")
* Be sure to check type of lavender. 
Culinary Lavender is darker purple.
Grosso Lavender has stronger scent. 
Note: lavender photo with green stems is Fresh Lavender. We only ship this in June at 25.00 per bundle. 
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