Culinary Lavender

Red Oak Lavender

Premium Culinary Grade Dried Lavender

Grown organically, without use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals. We take great pride in harvesting, drying, and debuting by hand. This helps us insure that you are getting product that is at its peak freshness. It is then hand sifted to remove dust and scrap stems from flowers.

Try culinary lavender in any desserts or drinks to add a touch or complexity and floral flavor.  It is also great as a replacement of rosemary for grilling or baking. Tastes fantastic in dressings, coolies, lemonade, desserts, rubs, garnishing, on on its own as a tea. So versatile in both savory or sweet dishes. Culinary lavender has a milder, sweeter taste than the lavender used for crafting and bouquets.

Lavender is also very good for the digestion. 

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