Immunity Protection 6: Roll On

Red Oak Lavender

Our Immunity Protection 6  in Roller Ball container for easy application. A historically true version of an essential oil blend known as "Thieves' Vinegar", used as protection from Cholera and the Black Plaque in the Middle Ages. We even get our cinnamon bark and clove bud from the same location as the “Thieves” did. It also contains high quality eucalyptus, lemon, rosemary, and pure Lavender Essential Oil. We use it here to safeguard our family by having Immunity Protection 6 Essential Oil in your home. Easy to roll on. Use on lower back, back of neck, and back of thighs, also great for applying to masks for better breathing. Just one swipe on inside of mask. 

We make sure to only use the best oils, steamed, from the right part of each plant, and only from the best places. Don’t expect any of these other blends to smell or be the best uses.

10 mL size roller ball bottle

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