Neck Wrap

Red Oak Lavender

Aromatherapy Lavender Neck Wrap
To soothe those tired neck and shoulder muscles. Smell the relaxing lavender to help relax you. Treat yourself to this beautiful handmade neck wrap. So soft!
Each neck wrap is filled with lavender buds, flax seed, , and a little rice.
Be ready for the colder weather with our Lavender bud neck wrap.  Let the moist heat relieve your aches and pains and the lavender aroma soothe you. Ahhhh..sensation in warmth (when heated a few seconds in microwave) and scent is so relaxing. Can also be used cold, just place in refrigerator, for when you need a scented cold pack. 
Size: 19" x 5"
Neck wrap is not completely stuffed full to allow it to be flexible so that it can be placed comfortably around shoulders, neck, or even use it on your back.

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