Perfume: Solid in Gold Top Container

Red Oak Lavender

Our solid perfumes give you just the right amount of fragrant your prefer. No more over spray and wishing you could bath it away. 

Apply to your pulse points, nape of neck, and behind the ears to give a scent of lavender blooms and a luscious scent of vanilla or energize you with our lavender blossom, orange zest, and spearmint perfume. Both scents are amazing and worth purchasing both for daily work and other for evening hours. Warmth of your fingertips perfume solid to apply.

Fantastic scents made with moisturizing pure oil of the flowers, no dyes, parabenes, chemicals, or preservatives. 

Do not store in warm area as it will melt your perfume solid. If it happens, simply place in refrigerator for a few minutes to re-solidify.



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